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Rethink - National Schizophrenia Fellowship (Scotland)
Rethink is a severe mental illness charity in the UK. As of 2nd July 2002 'Rethink' is the new operating name for 'The National Schizophrenia Fellowship'. Rethink is dedicated to improving the lives of everyone affected by severe mental illness, whether they have a condition themselves, care for others who do, or are professionals or volunteers working in the mental health field.
UK NHS Gateway for Schizophrenia
The Mental Health Specialist Library of the National Electronic Library for Health. This site is primarily developed for mental health and primary care professionals working in the UK health service. However, it also features a huge amount of content that is relevant to the general public, patients, survivors, caregivers, social care professionals, and anyone else with an interest in mental health.
Mind is a mental health charity in England and Wales, working for a better life for everyone with experience of mental distress. It is a campaigning and education organisation.
Scottish Executive
The Scottish Executive is the devolved government for Scotland. It is responsible for most of the issues of day-to-day concern to the people of Scotland, including health, education, justice, rural affairs, and transport.
The Princess Royal Trust for Carers
A UK charity that exists to make it easier for carers to cope by providing information, support and practical help to carers. The Trust provides training and support for Carers Centres, as well as raising funds for development work. It also has a range of grant schemes for carers, including an Educational Bursary Scheme, a Carers' Relief Fund for carers in particular financial difficulties and a Young Carers Fund.
Prince's Trust
A UK charity that helps young people overcome barriers and get their lives working.Through practical support including training, mentoring and financial assistance, the Trust helps 14-30 year olds realise their potential and transform their lives. The Trust focuses their efforts on those who've struggled at school, been in care, been in trouble with the law, or are long-term unemployed.
Carers Scotland
Carers Online is a partnership website. It provides carers, those supporting them and others with national and local information. The site was developed by Carers UK, in partnership with the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists (WCIT) and the Invest to Save partnership.
Mind Out
Mind Out for Mental Health is an active campaign to stop the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health. It is an awareness and action campaign, working to bring about positive shifts in attitudes and behaviour surrounding mental health. In active partnership with organisations from a wide range of sectors, Mind Out for Mental Health is producing a range of communications materials and running a series of workshops and events.
A mental health website from the company Zeus Research with information, news and discussions relevant to schizophrenia and related psychoses, Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, depression and bipolar disorder. Writers for the site have a variety of backgrounds and often have either personal or professional experience of mental health.
A UK charity concerned with improving the lives of everyone affected by mental illness. SANE aims to raise awareness and respect for people with mental illness and their families, improve education and training, and secure better services; to initiate and fund research into the causes of serious mental illness; and to provide information and emotional support to those experiencing mental health problems, their families and carers.

The King's Fund
An independent charitable foundation whose goal is to improve health, especially in London. Includes a section on mental health in London, with links to articles and other publications.
Health Scotland
A special health board which brings together the Public Health Institute of Scotland (PHIS) and the Health Education Board for Scotland (HEBS). It provides a a national focus for improving health and reducing inequalities in Scotland.
BBCi - Mental Health
A guide to all the issues associated with mental health. Topics include emotional health, disorders/conditions, understanding drugs, coping techniques, therapy and therapists, and supporting and caring.
FMH - Mental Health for Men
FMH is written for young men under 25. Its main aim is to get blokes to have a good, long look at what's going on inside their heads and then, if they find anything that's troubling them, to advise them on who may be able to offer support.
Mental Health Foundation
A UK charity working in mental health and learning disabilities. The site includes the latest news and events on mental health issues, as well as information on problems, treatments and strategies for living with mental distress. The site also hosts 1 in 4, an online discussion forum about mental health.
Citizens Advice Bureau
The Citizens Advice Bureau Service offers free, confidential, impartial and independent advice. The Bureau also uses its bank of client evidence to find out where local and national services and policies should change.
See Me Scotland
The 'see me' campaign was launched in October 2002 to challenge stigma and discrimination around mental ill-health in Scotland. The campaign is run by an alliance of five Scottish mental health organisations, and combines a national publicity programme with local and national anti-stigma action developed in partnership with like-minded groups and individuals across all sectors of Scottish life. Individuals who have experienced stigma are involved in many aspects of the campaign, and includes those prepared to talk to the media about the impact stigma has had on their lives.
Maca - Mental After Care Association
Maca is a community mental health charity that works with people who have mental-health problems, those who care for them, and their communities. Maca's aim is to make sure they can meet their own aspirations for mental wellbeing and end the stigma and discrimination still associated with mental distress.
The Hearing Voices Network Dundee
This group encourages voice hearers to meet to discuss mutual experiences and coping strategies in confidentiality. It also raises awareness of voice hearing experiences, seeking to reduce fear and ignorance.It offers support to voice hearers, carers, friends and professionals. It has developed a wide range of effective coping strategies which can be used in conjunction with medication.
Little Wing
Little Wing is a project set up to establish a voice for those in Dundee with experience of mental health difficulties. It represents the views and wishes of service users through involvement in the strategic planning and delivery of mental health services. It also provides an information service to members on local support groups and activities, illness and treatment options, news and reports.
SAMH - Scottish Association for Mental Health
SAMH a mental health charity in Scotland. As well as campaigning on policy issues and providing a Scotland-wide information service the Association offers direct services to people with mental health problems across Scotland through a range of projects.
Young Minds
YoungMinds is a UK charity committed to improving the mental health of all babies, children and young people. It highlights the mental health issues faced by children and young people and promotes a greater public awareness of their needs. It offers a Parents' Information Service which supports callers who are trying to cope with often severe emotional and mental health problems affecting their children and teenagers. It provides information and advice on mental health issues, for children and young people, their families, and those who work with them. It provides training and support for practitioners in all agencies who work with children, and influences decision makers to improve services for young people.
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